You can be our writter!

February 7, 2010

Sign up your nickname here, and tell your favorite topic to talk about!



22 Responses to “You can be our writter!”

  1. RΓΊ πŸ™‚ I love your idea πŸ™‚ So … I know you are very busy right now with the MAG but , About the topic , I like to be a writter. So , I can talk about suites , Hot or Not , Trend Clothes , News on Stardoll , Real Celeb …… What do you think ? Thank for listen me πŸ™‚ ,
    Bye :* , Mari

  2. And … I love this Theme … Pin Up is totally my Style :* I know all about this theme πŸ™‚

  3. BeccaXD Says:

    It’s BeccaXD. I love writing about fashion and making graphics. I love food xD I’d really love to write here, I’ve already written at Recherche Magazine!

  4. Louise (taloulaaa) Says:

    Taloulaaa πŸ™‚ i just like to ramble about anything. Mainly stardoll art and graphics though.

  5. MissKandiCake/Dalia Says:

    I’m Dalia and my Stardoll account is MissKandiCake
    I’d love to be a writer for this magazine and I enjoy writing about many things but I must say, fashion isn’t one of my strong points. I would prefer writing perhaps about new releases, Stardoll latest news, journalist sort of stuff?
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  6. altonmiddle112 Says:

    Hey, I’m Lynn (altonmiddle12 in the Stardoll world).
    I’d love to write because I’m a journalist so it’d be fantastic. Also, this mag has a ton of potential, so why not!? This could be a major thing for everyone and I’d just love to write for you guys.
    P.S. Love the graphics, who did them?

    ~<2 Lynn

  7. Hi! I’m Abigail (a.k.a. Ipodrocks in SD)! I’d love to be a writer because I’ve always wanted to help in one and to do some graphics. I am a starter, so I’m knowing more and more each day about graphics. This magazine has a lot of confidence to be the best magazine. My favorite topic to talk about is pop music. I love to talk about it… Hope you could pick me… Thanks… πŸ™‚ (:

  8. My name is Daisy, my stardoll name is UKnowULoveMeXD. I already write for a blog and I can write anything ! I love to write Fashion articles, The History of Designers, New Releases, Stardoll, I can do anything you want me to !

    I would love to be part of your magazine ! I would not let you down. Writing is my life and I would love to have all the opportunities I can to write, especially for a great magazine like this !

    Love the issue ! (:

  9. xJuicyCouture / Sara Says:

    Hey, im Sara Tess otherwise known as xJuicyCouture on Stardoll. I would love to write about Beauty Tips from head to toe for other stardoll users. I probably know every makeup, hair and spot treatment etc. tips there are!
    Thanks, and i’d really like the chance to write atleast one column for you guys.

    Once again, thank you.

    Sara Tess

  10. Carly Says:

    my name is Carly, I love all of the magazine i can see that you work really hard on it and it makes it even more amazing! you’r just marvelous graphican

  11. Carly Says:

    and one more thing I ove typing and writing I would love to be a writer for such an amazing blog just if you don’t need photo shop my dad won’t buy it for me 😦

  12. Dalilah/Leoplurdan Says:

    I am Leoplurodan, my favorite topic to talk about is really clothes && I love writing stories. I never thought I’d get a chance to ‘apply’ for something this amazing, so, I guess I’ll find out.
    Thanks so much!

  13. Popsta93 Says:

    Hi there
    I really want to know how you can make those pictures in your mag, its amazing!!! Is there a website or something!!!Also Love the Magazine, you are doing a great job


  14. Kim ( mIsShOp2009 ) Says:

    I Love This ! (L)
    I Love Fashion And By Te The Way Amazing Picture’s!
    I’m Young So I Know What Fashion Is.
    I Love Too Write About Fashion, Stars, Gossip.

    Mail Me …

    Kim Or ?!


    I just read your latest issue about the 50’s and I loved it!

    I love to write! Infact I’m writing novels in real life. I love to write about history, different countries and famous women throughtout history.

    Thank you in advance!
    KILLIEMEDINA aka Killie Medina

  16. Lily Rose Says:

    I am Lily, my favorite topic is well, everything! Espiecelly the new styles, the ins and outs..!!!!!!

  17. Brookiee Says:

    heyy! My name is Brooke, aka bookworm7 on stardoll! First off, I just wanted to say that this mag is amazing! And second, I would love to be a writer! I like writing poems, as well as biographies! I also have a stardoll blog:! Thanks!

  18. Hotangel9 Says:


    My favourite topic is fashion as there is so much to talk about it.
    “Fashion is a work of art you wear on yourself that shows your emotion.”- I always say.

    PS: Love the 50’s Diner Graphic.

  19. julie Says:

    How can you make these dolls?
    Use Photoshop

  20. frosso123 Says:

    hello my name is frosso
    I love your magazine.
    It look great,I would love to work for you!
    My favorite thing to write is about styles
    I love create styles,generally love styling.
    Frosso=fashionista (just me “:)

  21. Alexb120 Says:

    My favorite topic to talk about its fashion.I love to make grafics i have already make somes.

  22. Alisha-Serena Says:

    SO how do we join?

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