Owner: Ruana Farias (Ruaninha)

Editors: Ruana Farias (Ruaninha), Brooke Sails (Chicago3)

Writers: Ruana Farias (Ruaninha), Brooke Sails (Chicago3),  YOU (Join here:!

Graphic Design: Ruana Farias (Ruaninha)

Thanks for visit Colossal Magazine!


2 Responses to “Team”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Where can I find your magazines?

  2. Hi Colossal team,

    My name is Sam and my band Place of Indigo are a local band in Perth about to launch our debut EP.
    One of your writers (Celleste) recently wrote a feature article on us a few months ago and we were wondering if Colossal would be interested in getting involved with our launch show?

    The launch is taking place at The Bakery, Northbridge January 21st and includes a line up of local Perth bands, raffles and art exhibitions from local Perth artists.

    If you were interested in supporting our launch through interviews, sponsorhip or promo of any kind that would be much appreciated. We are going through RTR, Drum Media and Xpress magazine so far for promotions.

    If you are interested and wanted more information we have a press release we can send you with more details about the band and the launch.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Regards, Sam.

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